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Legacies United Foundation
Annual Fundraisers

Legacies United Foundation is proud to host the following annual fundraisers, which contribute to our general revenue and financial endowments for our participants engaged in our intergenerational programs and services.  If you are interested in partnering with us or volunteering please check out the link below.

Legacies United Youth Sports Conference was developed by Dennis and Erika Gullick, Owners of The Cheer Institute; Central Ohio's Premier Inter-generational Health and Wellness Facility.  Over the past 15 years they have combined to engage with and serve hundreds of youth and their families, across the country.  This greatly stretched their perspective, on how the platform of sports, can be used to bring forth positive change across generations.  Now in the wake of a pandemic maintaining a unified front across disciplines matter most. Our inaugural Youth Sports Conference is aimed at educating, empowering and connecting youth, their families and our

providers to resources that will surely enrich their experience.  We hope to cultivate a shared perspective on what it means to be a Scholar Athlete how to promote Sportsmanship as well as  Health and Safety.  All in an effort to ensure quality programming for our youth and their families in the communities they reside.  Below we have outlined a few of the assumptions that led to the development of this conference, yet we as a community are resilient and expect for this conference to be a call to action for all who attend.  

Assumptions about Youth Participants ages 10-18

  • The Platform of sports has the power to enrich the lives of boys and girls from many diverse Socio-economic backgrounds.

  • The Platform of sports has the greatest opportunity to bring forth positive change in the lives of youth and the Communities in which they are offered.

  • Adolescence is all about developing a sense of self, one’s place in the World.  Adolescents who participate in youth sports can clearly identify who they are, grow up with stronger goals and self-knowledge. 

  • Many young men and women who participate in sports do it out of tradition and fail to maximize the learning and experiences inherent in the sport.


Assumptions by Service Providers: Gym Owners, Program Directors 

  • The financial obligation, to participate in a sport today, comes at a premium and families are being priced out due to the economy with limited known resource alternatives for Youth Sports Provider. 

  • A successful sports program must focus on the complete athlete mind, body, and soul.

  • COVID had an adverse impact on the relationships and interactions between youth their families and sports mentors.

  • A significant amount of community outreach programs and sports initiatives were born out of the Pandemic yet many established programs were forced to cut back on services; and replenishing those resources as been slow and absent.

















What To Expect

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Excerpt from: Holla'! Cheer & Dance
Magazine Fall 2020 Issue.  This  Magazine is responsible for highlighting African Americans in the sports of cheer and Dance.  Checkout our featured story by clicking link below.

Legacies United Foundation Annual Golf Fundraiser

Join Legacies United Foundation for our Annual Golf Outing in support of our TCI Cares initiative and other intergenerational programs. Proceed raised contribute to maintaining quality coaches, innovative training in underserved communities, as well as traveling expenses.

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