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Economic Development


McGuffey Inter-Generational Gardens

M.I.G began as a Community beautification project in 2015, within the North Linden Area.  Our strategic goal has been too maintain the lots for cleanliness and use the land to teach Urban Gardening.  Our plots fall within an area of the City for which the USDA would classify as a Food Desert Zone.  Given this reality leaders within LUF are focused on raising awareness about food sustainability and healthy options for families in the Community.  Our Impact has been great but we have a lot more work to do.  Join us in the Garden at 2510 McGuffey Rd. Columbus OH 43219!

Community Outreach


TCI Cares

TCI Cares is a gym initiative, backed by Legacies United Foundation in support of the Athletes at The Cheer Institute.  Through this initiative we encourage continued physical activity and overall wellness for youth and adults alike. Staying active and engaged in sports and or leisure activities has proven to cultivate healthy relationships and personal development.  This is due to the rich sharing of knowledge, skills and abilities of the participants.  Our initiative additionally provides support to our participants in the realm of mental health.  TCI cares is concerned with helping participants find their strengths on and off the playing field.


Fund-Raising & Volunteering

At Legacies United Foundation we have been able to thrive based off our rich culture of servant leadership.  A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.  We are a Faith-based organization that takes pride in creating opportunities for volunteers to pour into lives of others as well as our Community.  We run a soup kitchen several concession stands and other activities with the goal of increasing the capacity for intergenerational relationships, program development and shared resources.

Continuing Education


InVers Norm Mentoring

Our Inverse Norm program is inspired by its statistical expression; which refers to the method of using a known probability to find corresponding and or opposing values.  For example using the probability of success our task would be too determine the correlation between a successful person or community vs. that which is stagnant.  The goal of the statistical property is to examine the deviations from "norm".

Our 9-week In-Verse Norm program is a call to action, a gathering of the minds to create opportunities to affect change.  Participants are immersed in an Inter-generational environment to asses their personal growth and development, participate in workshops as well as joint social justice project.  Ages 12-16 and 21+ welcomed to join.  Click the button below to get started.


Legacy Research

Today we live in one of the most vibrant complex societies due in part to the growth of technology, arts and culture.  The impact of this stimuli on our relationships and engagement within our communities has been widespread.  This current reality is driving our Legacy Research Initiative.  We hope to uncover facts, and trends into how we may best connect, support and promote various generational cohorts.

With any research a systematic investigation is essential in order to reach new conclusions.  The results of our research is available to the public and focuses on aging and senior services as well as youth engagement to name a few.  We hope our work leads to intergenerational  public policies, private philanthropy and corporate advancement.  If you are interested in research join our Team!!!!  Were In this Together!


Afterschool Child Enrichment

The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account program administered through the Department of Education; provides qualifying families with a $1,000 credit per child. These funds can be used to pay for a variety of educational activities designed to help accelerate learning for children impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Legacies United Foundation's Learning Extension Program is infused with an intergenerational curriculum that increases the outcomes of our learning pods.  Checkout our list of ACE activities below which are hosted at Year-round at our Faith Based site Jerusalem Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. 


  • Before- and after-school educational programs aligned to state academic standards that develop academic knowledge and is designed to accelerate learning.  

  • Day camps, including camps for academics, music, and arts;  

    • A learning extension center is a supervised physical location operated by a faith-based, community or nonprofit organization that provides workspace or workstations during school hours when students’ assigned schools are closed.  

  • Curriculum and materials for homeschool families; 

    • Families engaged in home education whose children have been excused from compulsory education may use ACE funds to obtain curriculum materials. ACE funds cannot be used to pay tuition, including tuition for site-based or online schools.

  • Educational, learning or study skills services;  

  • Field trips to historical landmarks, museums, science centers and theaters, including admission, exhibit and program fees; 

  • Language classes; 

  • Music lessons; 

    • Lessons are an allowable service; however, purchase of musical instruments and other hardware are not allowable through the ACE Educational Savings account.

  • ​Tutoring. 

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