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People who need you, People who still love you Can warm up your soul like the sunshine above you. You're never alone no matter what's done.  Wait for the sun.  Just wait for the sun.


Established in 2015

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Dennis D. Gullick IV

Founded in 2015, Legacies United Foundation (LUF) was established as a  platform for inter-generational research, learning and activity.  The vision for LUF was born out of the work being conducted at Generations United (GU) a 501c3 based out of Washington DC; which strives too improve the lives of children youth and older adults.  Leaders within LUF, have committed to the systematic investigation and the study of how various generational cohorts engage in Work, Politics, Family, Sports and their Community.  This work has been so important and has allowed us to bridge the gap between generations creating safe spaces to learn, expand cultural perspectives and enjoy one another in leisure activities.  Maintaining an inter-generational perspective has helped us to form new conclusions about how members of a Community can co-exist especially in this highly digital technology era. The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication we bring to the range of projects we take part in. ​

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