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Legacy Planning

Times may be uncertain, but your future financial security doesn’t have to be.  At Legacies United Foundation our intergenerational focus make it easy to chart out business solutions, as well as support families as the decide upon protecting what matters most.  Our Focus is on Protection, Accumulation, and  Preservation.


Our Legacy Ambassadors which are Certified professionals can make recommendations, tailored to your needs, on a wide variety of protection and financial matters, so you can:

  • Develop Advanced Directives

  • Prepare for retirement

  • Grow your wealth

  • Preserve your assets for future generations

  • Protect and grow your business





Have you spoke with a Financial Professional or legal consultant lately? Do you have a written estate plan, or will the state provide one for you? Does your business currently have succession plans? If you do have a plan, are the documents up to date?


 Many Americans have estate plans that no longer meet their goals and objectives; over time, changes occur in one’s situation and one should not overlook the changes that federal and state tax laws can have on their plans.  Schedule an Annual Review with a Legacy Ambassador Today!!!  Solidify those Family Ties.


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